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Briefing Notes

On this page you'll find a range of SWO briefing notes compiled by the Core Unit and SWO Modules to help you with your work. These briefings cover a diverse range of topics, from emerging policy initiatives to subject-specific analyses about data releases as well as technical guides.

Click on the tabs below to navigate between different sections. For the five most recent briefing notes, see the feed in the right-hand column.

We hope you find these useful and remember to let us know if there's a specific issue you're grappling to understand by emailing the Core Unit.

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Latest SWO Briefings

(Environment White Paper, Public Sector Reform & Community Budgets and the Legacy of Total Place)

Download either papers by clicking on the red links.

December's Environment White Paper briefing note outlines the recently published Natural Environment White Paper and the context in which it sits, namely the National Ecosystem Assessment and Lawton Review.

Public Sector Reform paper summarises the Coalition’s commitments to retrench public sector agencies and other bodies. This paper outlines key agencies, bodies and other organisations that have been closed, work they have on their legacy, and what, if anything, has been created to replace them.

October's Community Budgets and the Legacy of Total Place paper looks at the Total Place initiative which was designed to improve public services and save money by bringing together organisations and their budgets. Following the General Election, the new Coalition Government stated that it wished to build on Total Place with ‘Community Budgets’. Since April 2011, 16 areas covering 28 councils and their partners were given control of Community Budgets, pooling various pots of Whitehall funding to tackle social problems around families with complex needs.

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SWO Policy Briefings

(This is a list of recent briefings which relate to current or emerging policy)

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SWO Briefings on specific data releases

(These are briefings compiled by the SWO network relating to specific data releases)

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SWO Technical Briefings

(These are briefings compiled generally by the SWO Core Unit often after specific training events on topics).

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All SWO Briefing Papers

(These are displayed in alphabetical order. To search by specific title, simply type in a key word below and click 'Search')

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All Briefing Papers

application/pdfClaimant Count Briefing May 2013 (71KB)21/06/2013Download
application/pdfData Alert - GDP Estimates, Revisions to Initial Estimates (October 2012) (280KB)02/10/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK Trade Statistics 2010 (February 2011) (101KB)09/02/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: Business investment & profitability (February 2012) (290KB)29/02/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: Consumer spending in the recession (February 2012) (280KB)29/02/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: GDP estimate (February 2012) (300KB)29/02/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: House building - A new equilibrium? (Q1 2011) (102KB)20/05/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: Households below average income - summary of recent DWP release (July 2012) (358KB)02/07/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: Inflation Back on trend upwards (May 2011) (103KB)18/05/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: Inflation Measurements (May 12) (341KB)23/05/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: JSA Claimant Count (April 2012) (713KB)17/05/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: Latest data (November 2011) (217KB)18/11/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: Latest data releases (March 2012) (228KB)29/02/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: Latest Economic Data (June 2012) (335KB)28/06/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: Latest economic data (May 2012) (296KB)29/05/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: Recent UK data release round up (June 2011) (97KB)05/07/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: Regional Public Sector Employment & Latest Survey Results (March 2012) (481KB)07/03/2012Download
application/pdfData Alert: Regional Trade in Goods (June 2011) (93KB)16/06/2011Download
application/mswordData Alert: South West Regional Trade (September 2011) (562KB)09/09/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK & South West labour markets (May 2011) (101KB)19/05/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK and South West labour markets (March 2011) (97KB)17/03/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK headline inflation (February 2011) (96KB)15/02/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK Inflation (June 2011) (98KB)15/06/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK Labour Market (February 2011) (97KB)16/02/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK output, trade & costs (March 2011) (103KB)14/03/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK Production & Prices (February 2011) (98KB)11/02/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK real GDP (February 2011) (97KB)25/02/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK retail sales latest ONS figures (February 2011) (99KB)18/02/2011Download
application/pdfData Alert: UK Vistor Statistics 2010 (February 2011) (98KB)10/02/2011Download
application/pdfEconomy Briefing: Economics Glossary (21KB)14/01/2011Download
application/pdfHousing and Planning Update - June 2011 (72KB)07/06/2011Download
application/pdfLive/Work Business Briefing (www.liveworknet.com) (329KB)14/06/2011Download
application/pdfRegional Trade Briefing (50KB)14/07/2009Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing - Census 2011 (June 2013) (460KB)26/06/2013Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing - Environment White Paper (December 2011) (87KB)09/12/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing Local Election / AV Referendum Results 2011 (183KB)10/05/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: 2011 Census 1st Release (272KB)20/07/2012Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: Community Budgets and the Legacy of Total Place (71KB)28/10/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: DataVis Tips and Applications (1.91MB)08/12/2010Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: Enterprise Zones in the UK since 1980 (102KB)30/08/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: Housing and Planning Policy Update (April 2011) (108KB)07/04/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: LEPs Update (October 2011) (76KB)28/10/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: Open Data Update (August 2011) (73KB)28/07/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: Parliamentary Activity (July 2011) (102KB)08/07/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: Public Sector Reform (November 2011) (2.04MB)08/11/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: Single Data List (March 2011) (73KB)29/03/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: The Localism Bill (February 2011) (116KB)28/02/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Briefing: Understanding and Influencing the Legislative Process (May 2011) (151KB)16/05/2011Download
application/pdfSWO Culture: Culture and Crime Briefing (242KB)07/01/2013Download
application/pdfSWO Data Briefing: IMD 2010 - South West Overview (2.84MB)21/04/2011Download
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