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Data Releases

This week’s major ONS releases - 21-25 January 2013:

  • Employment and Support Allowance: Outcomes of Work Capability Assessments, Great Britain – new claims – January 2013 Cohort based and in-month statistics of outcomes for the Employment and Support Allowance Work Capability Assessment. (Release: 22nd January. Geographic Breakdown: Country)

  • Suicides in the United Kingdom – 2011 Suicides in the United Kingdom, England and Wales, and regions of England. (Release: 22nd January. Geographic Breakdown: Region).

  • Access to Work Official Statistics – January 2013 Quarterly Official Statistics on Access to Work. Records numbers of new customers helped in the period and numbers of existing customers who continue to receive support. (Release: 22nd January. Geographic Breakdown: Other).

  • GCSE results 2011/12 (revised); A/AS results 2011/12 (revised); local authority and school expenditure on education, children and young people’s services and social care; attainment by pupil characteristics; performance tables in England (secondary school) Wealth of school and education data to be released at local authority level (Release: 24th January. Geographic breakdown: Local Authority).

  • Crime Statistics – period ending September 2012 Presents the most recent crime statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales and police recorded crime. (Release: 24th January. Geography breakdown: Local Authority).
For a full list of future releases see the ONS Calendar
Monthly Data Release:

The sources that are linked to below give the latest and previous releases of key monthly data by topic.  Most relate to economic data and regional and sub-regional information is only available where indicated (REG, SUB).

MonthlyDigest of Statistics  - A reference work containing the latest business, economic and social data.


Construction Industry, New Orders (REG) - New construction orders broken down by sector, region and type of work.

ConsumerPrice Indices  - Price indices, including change over time, for the CPI, RPI and their components.

Consumer Price Indices, Focus on  - Detailed information on: Consumer Prices Index (CPI), Retail Prices Index (RPI) and inflation.

Earnings,Average Weekly (AWE) - A monthly measure of the AWE per job in Great Britain, an experimental index prior to December 2009.

Economic & Labour Market Review (ELMR) - Draws together research and analysis to build a statistical picture of the UK economy and labour market.

Engineering Turnover and Orders  - Estimates for the engineering sector, published at current prices covering turnover and orders.

External Trade Statistics, Monthly Review  - UK exports and imports of goods.

Financial Statistics  - Contains current data on a wide variety of aspects of finance.

Index ofProduction (IoP) - Measures the volume of production for the manufacturing, mining & quarrying and energy supply industries.

Index ofServices - Shows the monthly movements in gross value added for the service industries.

ProducerPrices (PPI)  - Indices of materials and fuels purchased and output of manufacturing industry by broad sector.

ProducerPrice Indices (MM22)  - Cost indices on UK manufactured products together with materials, fuel and sales, by industry.

PublicSector Finances  - Latest data on the Public Sector Net Borrowing, Net debt and the cash requirement.

RetailSales Index  - First estimate of retail sales in value and volume terms.

Retail Sales Business Monitor (SDM28) - Detailed estimates of retail sales in Great Britain.

UKTrade  - Latest data on trade in goods by industry group as well as estimates for total trade in services.


Labour Market Statistics Regional Monthly Data REG SUB - Spreadsheets of the latest labour market data at regional and sub-regional levels.
Note: Quarterly Regional Labour Market statistical releases are also published.

Labour Market Statistics National Statistical Bulletin  - Latest labour market data.


Overseas Travel and Tourism - monthly estimates - Data showing the number and expenditure of overseas visitors to the UK and of UK residents visits abroad.

HousePrice Index REG - Mix-adjusted house price series from CLG, published as experimental official statistics.

Today's ONS Data Releases