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Local Intelligence Networks

Local Intelligence Networks (LINs) provide information and analysis on a range of topics as they relate to their local, sub-regional spatial areas. Each LIN is structured differently but they generally involve local partners in building an understanding of each sub region through a variety of intelligence resources. 
The primary aim of the ten LINs is to ensure that organisations developing and implementing policy within the sub-regions are aware of, and make full and appropriate use of, the best available evidence. As such, LINs work to maintain and develop relationships with Local Partners, fostering a shared local understanding of the importance of evidence in policy-making.
Coming together under the Observatory banner with the thematic modules, they help build a picture of the region and its parts from a local perspective, and provide a conduit for raising local intelligence needs regionally, and for drawing down regional intelligence work locally.


Cornwall Council aims to draw together Cornwall's social, economic and environmental information, providing a user-friendly gateway to information from public, private and voluntary organisations.


Plymouth Analysts Network (PAN) is the latest addition to the South West Observatory network. PAN is a multi-agency network of specialists based within Plymouth Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) partner organisations. The aim of the group is to streamline strategic analyses to provide a more cost effective approach for informing individual partners and the LSP Executive and Board.


Intelligence Network Devon (inDevon) is a partnership that has existed for many years developing a shared work programme in research and intelligence. It was originally known as the DevINE partnership. More than 20 different organisations are involved. The intelligence network will provide the evidence base on which to inform policy development and service provision.

Dorset, Bournemouth & Poole

Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole no longer has a formal local intelligence network. (E-base was wound up in 2008/9) However, the research teams in the three strategic authorities, Bournemouth Borough Council, Dorset County Council and the Borough of Poole, work together on a range of theme specific issues, and can provide information and intelligence about the area.


Somerset Intelligence Network (SINe) aims to collect information from across the county to enable users to access it all from one single source. SINe compiles data, reports and other intelligence produced by Somerset's County and District Councils, public authorities and local agencies.

West of England

West of England Partnership/Intelligence West consists of four unitary authorities - Bath & North East Somerset (BANES), Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire - and a range of social, economic and environmental partners. It was formed in response to the rapid growth which means that the sub-region faces increasing pressure on its infrastructure.

Wiltshire & Swindon

Wiltshire and Swindon Intelligence Network (WSIN) has been developed in response to the ever growing demand for local data, be it for developing local strategies, funding applications, assisting local decision-making, or school and college work. The Network consists of a number of key organisations in Wiltshire and Swindon who are involved in the collection of local data.  


inform Gloucestershire is a forum through which local research analysts and users from a wide range of public, private and voluntary organisations co-operate to share research, expertise and resources. GLIN aims to facilitate communication between researchers from a variety of local organisations and to promote the sharing of research and expertise throughout the network through meetings, publications and web resources.